Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School - Emergency Action Plan

If you have a school-age child with food allergies, don't forget to provide an Emergency Action Plan to your teacher and school nurse.

In addition to all the medical forms required by the school, prepare with the help of your child’s doctor a one-page “Emergency Action Plan.” This document should include:
1) the foods your child is allergic to;
2) the possible symptoms of an allergic reaction;
3) the treatment that should be administered and under what circumstances;
4) contact information for the rescue squad (911), your child’s doctor, and you;
5) current picture of your child;
6) doctor’s signature.
Here is a link if you need a sample plan, available from the FAAN website.

Provide the school with epinephrine auto-injector(s) and any other medications as recommended by your doctor. Make note of the expiration dates.

Talk with your child. Reinforce the importance of following all the “food allergy rules” you’ve taught her.

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