Monday, May 9, 2011

Reds say no to peanut-free baseball (again)

I contacted the Reds again this year, about the possibility of a peanut-free section for one game. Here is the email I received today, from Sean Brown, Director of Ballpark Operations:

Ms. H,

This offseason, we reviewed the policies other clubs have in place for their peanut free or peanut sensitive areas.

In doing so, we discovered that it would not be advantageous for the Reds or for the families of those affected by a peanut allergy, to host such an area within the ballpark.

I apologize we cannot accommodate your request or that of your children.


There are other Major and Minor League teams that are providing peanut-free sections for games, so please check Peanut Free Baseball for a list of teams and games in your area.

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